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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Double Chocolate Almond Ice Cream (and other flavors)

This makes a double batch and we make it in a 6 quart ice cream maker. This recipe can be halved for a smaller freezer.


2 cups whole milk
3 eggs slightly beaten
1/2 cup sugar
4 cups heavy whipping cream (straight cream without thickeners and without carrageenan is best, check local dairies Winder Dairies in Utah makes pure heavy whipping cream and it is less expensive than the supermarket)
2 teaspoons vanilla

For Chocolate Ice cream:

8 ounces Hershey’s syrup
8 ounce Hershey bar with almonds (chopped)

For Raspberry Ice Cream:

2 pints of whole frozen or fresh raspberries, rinsed. (Can use any type of edible berry) Lightly mash the berries after draining them, otherwise they will freeze in the ice cream and become hard chunks. Do not let the berries sit to let berry juice come from berries, this can add ice crystals to the ice cream, making it grainy. When you add the berries, do not add the juice. Some juice will come from the berries during the freezing process. This will impart a soft pastel color. Some people add a few drops of food coloring to impart a deeper color.

Directions for making Ice Cream:

Heat milk, sugar, and eggs, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar, and to keep eggs well mixed in, as they cook. Thicken until it clings to spoon and is thick. Strain. Cool in a bowl over ice, stirring, to keep mixture mixed and to aide cooling. When cool, add to ice cream maker container, place dasher in, add the rest of the ingredients. Cap ice cream maker and pack ice and salt around the can. Turn on ice cream maker, or start cranking. When ice cream is ready, pack into an airtight container and let ripen in the freezer.


Chopped Nuts

Peppermint Ice Cream I love peppermint ice cream and think it is refreshing in the summer, yet the stores carry it as a Christmas flavor! Peppermint extract is not peppermint oil. Use the extract.

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