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Friday, December 19, 2014

Easy Chocolate-Mint (or Chocolate-Orange) Sandwhich Mints

These make lovely professional looking candies. Great for gifts! These are a simpler, quicker version of Sandwich Mints or Chocolate orange Sandwiches..

21 oz Milk Chocolate (we use Merkins Cocoa-lite Molding Chocolate or Guitard A'Peels Chocolate), Divide for two layers.

10 1/2 oz Merkins Light green, Merkins Orange,  or White chocolate/ Vanilla Coating. You will need to color the white coating.

Peppermint oil (Not extract) 7 drops in each layer.

** Optional for Orange Chocolates: Orange oil 10 drops in each layer.

Prepare a jellyroll pan-- 17.5 x 12.5 with sides.  Cut wax paper about 2 inches longer than pan. Use your fingernail to crease all four edges so the wax paper will sit smooth and flat. put a thumb print size of chocolate at each corner between the wax paper and the jellyroll/sided cookie sheet pan. This will hold the wax paper firm.

You can pre-mark the edge of the pan with a sharpy every inch as a guide to cutting. Some like their squares about 1.5 inches. Others mark their pan every 1 1/2 inches along their long side and 1 3/8 inches along the short side of the pan, so the mints will fit in candy presentation boxes. Really, you can cut them any way you like, even rectangular. Just keep the size consistent!

Melting the Chocolate
As chocolate is melted it will hold its shape so it will need to be stirred. Be cautious and work with only the amount stated. Chocolate can burn, so melt it slowly and stir the chocolate. You will be working one layer at a time.

Microwave Method: Work half the chocolate/coating (10.5 ounces) at a time, place in a microwave bowl and heat for 30 seconds at a time and then stir.  Place back in the microwave and repeat until the chocolate is the desired consistency.

Stove Top Method: Work half the chocolate/coating (10.5 ounces) at a time, place in a bowl that is slightly smaller than your pan. Place water in the pan and heat and stir until the chocolate is the desired consistency.

Oven Method: set to lowest setting, put 10 1/2 oz chocolate in 3 separate bowls and heat for about 20 minutes. Stir. Turn off oven and leave the bowls you are not working with in the oven..

Layering the Chocolate
Work quickly~ the less you work you chocolate the better.It will look smoother. Once you pour the chocolate in your pan it begins to cool and set up, so do this quickly!!! Add the suggested amount of oil per layer and stir in. Pour chocolate zigzagging back and forth across the wax paper to get chocolate to the edges rather than clumping in the middle. Spread gently but quickly to the edges. Gently tap the whole pan up and down, as well as gently shake the pan until the surface is smooth. This brings bubbles to the top and evens the top into a smooth layer. Cool until the chocolate loses its shine, which means the chocolate is set up. If you wait too long in between layers they wont bond together. If this happens soften with blowing hot air from a blow dryer then let sit on counter just until the shine is gone and then move forward.

Do the same with each layer.

Cutting the Squares
As soon as the top layer loses its shine it is ready to cut. Use a sharp paring knife. Gently lift up ends of wax paper to loosen. Do not leave too long or it will harden too hard and cutting will just cause it to crack! Wearing disposable gloves at this point is a good idea, because it is easy to mar the surface with finger prints! Use a T square or make one from a yard stick to guide you in cutting your squares. Even if you pre-marked your pan edge, this step helps keep your lines smooth and straight. Take time to do this carefully so they look professional. lastly, take knife around edge to make sure chocolate does not stick to the edge. Reserve the jagged edges and freeze to add to homemade ice cream, to decorate desserts, or snacking.

Kitchen Aide, Chicago Cutlery, and other high end cutlery make good paring knives. Rada makes a strong sharp paring knife with a thin blade; they are inexpensive and work well.


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