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First Aide Supplies I Like

Over the years I have tried different things and found these work for my family, so I try to keep them on hand. 
  1. Colloidial Silver for wound cleansing- must be replaced weekly. Kills almost everything on the surface. It is even great to use in cleaning around the house.  No odors!
  2. Adolf's Meat Tenderizer - breaks down proteins in bee and wasp bites, works on mosquito bits too.  Reduces swelling and itching.
  3. Melaleuca oil  Aka tea tree oil- penetrates boils and infections, kills infections. I have used this on spider bites and mosquito bites when kids scratched themselves to bleeding. It really does help stop infections.
  4. Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)- helps stop itching and helps with allergic reactions.  
  5. Colloidial Minerals- Years ago, my husband got a rope burn and his skin was raw for almost a week.  it was still raw when we headed out of town on an 8 hour trip.  He dipped a cloth in colloidial minerals and held it to the open wound, replenishing as the cloth dried.  By the time we reached the destination there was almost no sign that there had been injury, except for a faint pink mark. My friend got chemical burns from a photo sensitive pre-cancer drug her doctor gave her.  He told her her face would be horribly scarred. She dressed her face with gauze soaked in colloidial minerals several times a day and her skin healed. 
  6. Echinacea- to help the immune system when sick, and to help with insect bites.
  7. Vitamin A capsules-  When my children have winter eczema issues, I can poke a capsule and rub it in and cover with a wrap made from cotton strips of bandages made from clean old sheets.  When they wake up in the morning the redness is gone and their skin is healed.
  8. Cranberry pills-  I use those for bladder infections.
  9. Acidophilus- .I have a children's chewable, and probiotics for adults. I use it to stop diarrhea and any stomach upset or digestive disturbance. All it does is restore the proper balance in the digestive tract. When that happens, the system begins to function properly. My pediatrician suggested to use this for digestive issues when my first son was born.  Once, I even took two during the time I took oral penicillin.  It did not interfere with the penicillin and it restored my system even before I completed the penicillin course, and I only took two.
  10. Desitin Diaper Cream- This is a combination of vitamin A, vitamin d and zinc, all good for healing skin, rashes, and even pimples. In college I got an ingrown toe nail.  I used hydrogen peroxide, soaked the toe in the hottest water I could stand, several times a day, put Desitin on it, and wrapped my toe in gauze. I had a friend that was a nurse and she encouraged me to have it seen by a doctor.  I did.  he said he had never seen such a clean infection, and told me to keep doing what I was doing, because he could do no better. 
  11. Epson's Salts- It helps for soaking injured ankles. Epson's Salts are magnesium sulfate.  When a person is constipated or low on magnesium, the body can absorb the magnesium through the skin while bathing in it.
  12. Baking soda- Soothing bath, cleans skin, and soothes itching.
  13. Table Salt-  Can be used for a sore throat gargle, can also be used in a bowl of hot water, dipping a cloth twisted to a tip, and touched to sties and pimples.  
  14. Copious amounts of cotton bandages.  When an old sheet dies, I clean it and use Clorox.  Then I tear it into strips and roll them in rolls to be used in place of gauze.
  15. Tweezers, alcohol, and a needle for splinters.
  16. Moleskin for blisters on feet.
  1. Aloe Vera- I use it on burns and skin irritations.
  2. Comfrey- Rich in allantoin, which helps speed the body's ability to make new cells.  We had a case where a shower door fell on a toe and cut it pretty bad.  I was not home for several hours, it had been clean and bandaged. Bleeding was stopped, and the wound was clean. I insisted on looking at it the next day. The flesh was pretty mangled but too late for stitches. I cleaned it again, arranged the skin, and then I sought comfrey.  A friend had a plant.  She gave me leaves.  I cleaned and then beat the leaves to release their fluid and then wrapped the toe.  Within two days it was almost healed.  I decided to use triple anti biotic cream.  What a mistake.  It caused the wound to ooze.  So, I went back to the comfrey.  The comfrey completely healed the wound. I went back to my friend and got a start of comfrey to plant.  It makes a huge plant that goes deep down to draw minerals from the soil. The leaves can also be made into compost to enrich the soil!
  3. Roses- Pedals for making Rosewater, to use on my skin as a toner-   I use the old fashion recipe, but plan to try the first one..
  4. Echinacea- Helps the body's immune system fight respiratory infections and assists the body in dealing with insect bites.
I will add more later...